Thursday, December 15, 2011

Booking a ganamela in kerala - What all to look for?

Booking a ganamela or orchestra programme in kerala is a difficult thing as it is still not a professionalised sector. This blog tries to make it easy through online booking and need assessments. Let's go through some important tips to book a good ganamela in kerala.

1. Go through their website/blog: Just look for their online presence.If they are not present online, it directly implicate that they are not techy!
2. Ask about their lead singer: The lead singer must be experienced or famous.
3. Enquire about their exposure: Ask about their previous programmes and ventures which can give you their level.
4. Ask about the fee: Look for the budget you have and if they fit, just proceed.
5.Ask about the payment details: Many groups ask for advance payments and separate payments for celeb artists/singers.Clarify all these before booking.
6. The instrumental part: There can be full instrumental/part/karaoke ganamelas.Specify what you want ant and get it!
7. Quality of instrument artists: Please confirm the quality of the instrumentalists also.
8.Transport and time: Clarify transport mode and time schedule

Looking at the above factors you can create a checklist and book a good ganamela inside kerala.Our ganamela team will be available in gulf countries also and thus booking a ganamela in gulf/dubai is also easy now a days.