Thursday, July 5, 2012

what is the cost for a ganamela?

Have you ever thought of conducting an orchestra or ganamela?
If so, your first concern will be about the cost of it!

Let us look at the cost of booking a ganamela in kerala...

If you want 1 lead singer from the industry, you have to spend Rs.50000-100000 only for them.
But nowadays its always better to go for a reality show singer for the purpose as they range between 3000-50000, but equally famous!!!!Anyways there will be a bunch of good but not so famous singers along with them which dont cost much.

A good sound system is always costly anyways between 8000-15000.A good orchestra team also costs a bit..But if you have 25000-40000, you can conduct a rocking ganamela which can impress everyone.

If you dnt have that budget also, the troups will do the stuff starting from 10,000 with lesser instruments and singers. So if you require a ganamela call 9400496105.