Monday, November 26, 2012

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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Lets have a look at the top 10 malayalam songs ever. Its interesting to see that most of the top songs come from the old generation. Even the youth agrees to the same and hence the list!

1. Thamasamenthe Varuvan 

Movie - Bhargavi Nilayam 
Lyrics - P.Bhaskaran 
Director - M.S.Baburaj 
Singer - K.J.Yesudas 
The song is special in its own way. The lyrics is captivating and the music gives you a feeling of love. 


Movie - Pareeksha
Lyrics - P Bhaskaran
Director - MS Baburaj

Singer - KJ Yesudas
If you are in love, a must heard song.A world class one

3. Hridaya Sarasile Pranaya Pushpame 

Movie - Padunna Puzha 
Lyrics - Sreekumaran Thambi 
Director - Dakshinamoorthy 
Singer - K.J.Yesudas 

A wonderful song with meaningful lyrics 

4. Arikil Nee Undayirunnenkil 

Movie - Nee Etra Dhanya 
Lyrics - ONV Kurup 
Director - Devarajan 
Singer - K,J.Yesudas 

If you are not a lover, there is every chance of you becoming a lover after hearing this song.Be careful..

5. Vathil pazhuthilude Munpil... 

Movie - Idanazhiyil Oru Kalocha 
Lyrics - ONV Kurup 
Direcor - Dakshinamoorthy 
Singer - K.J.Yesudas 

Kool picturisation and wonderful rendition. No matter who is hearing it, it can elevate you to a next level.

6 . Aaro viral meetti..

Movie - Pranavarnangal
Lyrics - Gireesh Puthanjery
Director - Vidyasagar
Singer - K.J.Yesudas 

Now i know this song is not a great song any day to feature in the top ten. But its one of my personal favorites. The lyrics isnt great i agree but music is good. I had to make sure there is atleast a song by Johnson in the list bcoz his background music is one thing i admire always. 

7. Swarnamukile...

Movie - Ithu njangalude katha
Lyrics - P Bhaskaran
Director - Jhonson
Singer- S.Janaki 

This is song from the maestro sung by a cuckoo. The song gives a soothing experience and is a pleasure to hear. 

8. Kanner Poovinte 

Movie - Kireedom 
Lyrics - Kaithapram 
Director - Johnson 
Singer - M.G.Sreekumar 

Though MGS is not the best of singers malayalam industry has seen, he is one person who has had a long lasting influence. Thanks to his pairing for Mohanlals best hits. This song along with the video makes the difference. Thanks to Mohanlals brilliant acting skills.

9. Ennittum neeyenne arinjillallo..

Movie - Thamburu
Lyrics - P Bhaskaran
Director - Jhonson
Singer -S.Janaki

This song was another feather to the great singers cap as it fetched him another national award. The song is a simple melody. The words arent great but simple and sweet. For all the kids :) 

10. Chakravarthini Ninakku 

Movie - Chembarathy 
Lyrics - Vayalar 
Director - Devarajan 
Singer - Yesudas 

The list is just according to me. I know you will have a lot to add!..Even i am confused and there are so many other songs to be included in the list...Please comment..