Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quizmaster in Kerala!

We conduct quiz programmes in kerala in the most efficient and entertaining way. With the support of almost all the quizzing associations and groups in kerala, we will be able to work out the best questions those are relevant as well as interesting. We have different levels of quiz masters who can entertain the crowd and impart knowledge!

If you want to conduct a quiz in Kerala, Please contact 9747714788!

Rate of a ganamela programme in kerala!

Ever wondered what will be the rate of a ganamela programme?

I will help you in finding the rates. Better keep at least 15-20000 for a usual ganamela without any popular faces. If you go for any idea star singers who are somewhat popular the rate becomes 35-40 at least....Most popular goes upto 60-75..

Then if you opt for somebody hardcore from the films, the rate goes upto 1 lakh and more...
You opt more celebrities and the rates can touch the sky!

Call 9747714788 to fix a Ganamela with the Idea Star Singer 2007 Team!