Friday, August 31, 2012

What happened to idea star singers?

Let us look into the present status of the idea star singers who came into lime light through themost popular programme in kerala's history. The 2007 hit idea star singer gave us a bunch of celebrities like Najeem,Durga,Thushar, Amrita, Arun Gopan, Vani, Hisham,Sannidanandan, Teenu and Dr.Bineetha.

Most of them strive to be in the limelight through continuous attempts.Although most of them dont get much media coverage, they are still in the fray and doing lots of stage programmes. Najeem hs done more than 5 films and has got a star play back singer status. Durga has done enormous stage shows and CDs. Amrita after her celebrity marriage has gone to a different league and not so active at present in the industry. Arun Gopan continues to be a heart throb for girls and performs at several functions. Vani getting married and pursuing studies has focussed on to the professional part. Hisham has done his sound engineering and we can expect a resool pookutty out of him. Sanni still continues his ayyappa gaanamelas and a must at those kinda stages. Teenu is the one who steal the stage shows with glamorous outfits at the star studded events.Dr.Bineetha working as a surgeon loves music to be a part of her life and does programmes whenever she gets time..Vijay Madhav,Nikhil,Nithin,Krishnajith Bhanu, Varun etc also has made their marks in the industry and still continue to create waves around...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


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