Friday, May 31, 2013


Idea star singers ganamela is a very interesting event. In this ganamela, we will have different idea star singers with different attitudes and aptitudes singing their favorite tunes. Unlike other usual ganamelas, they can thrill the audience customising their songs.

The songs they select are also as per some themes and can relate to the audience. The new star singer band Mooshik can provide you the ultimate enjoyment by doing corporate functions and events also. For weddings etc ganamelas can be done with a specific theme.

So if you need a ganamela for a function, please call MOOSHIK at 9747714788

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mooshik Band

' Mooshik ' is a new generation music band which will do unplugged, unorganised and out of the box music shows. We place ourselves as corporate band as we focusses on programmes for corporates. We provide infotainment!

Mooshik is an innovative concept and we design shows customised as per client needs. If you need a theme for the whole orchestra, we can work out that and select songs matching the criteria..!